Blog Award {english edition}

A few weeks ago Lucy from sunset desires nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award and finally I got time to answer the questions. 
1. What is your favorite color? 
– Blue.

2. What fashion trend/style do you love the most? 
– I most love the Ethno and Boho Chic Trend/Style (as you may see on my outfits)

3. Describe your perfect day? 
– On my perfect day I would first have a big and healthy breakfast with my boyfriend and my family. Then I would take a long walk with my dog. After that I would read a good book. The evening I would spend with my boyfriend and friends in a park, garden, on the beach or in the forest. We would sit around the campfire, eat marshmallows, drink wine, talk about god and the world and watch the stars before we go to sleep.

4. What is your favorite shoe type? 
I love converse chucks. I want to be buried with them. seriously. :D

left via kleiderkreisel | middle via zalando | right from Thailand

5. If you could make one fashion trend disappear, what would it be? 
– Well I don’t care, I think everybody should wear what he wants! 

6. What is your favorite season?
– Definitely summer! I love hot days, cold drinks, swimming in the pool or lake, chilling on the beach, ice cream, fresh fruits like watermelon and pineapple (♥), summer nights and all the beautiful summer clothes. I’m definitely a summer child!

7. What is your biggest dream? 
– To travel around the world. I want to see so many places, cities and people. But unfortunately it's impossible (because of money & time)!

8. What is one of your favorite fashion blogs?
Nanda Schwarz - I love her style :)

9. What is your all-time favorite movie? 
– The Lion King! Since my childhood I’m in love with this movie <3

10. Who is your favorite actress?
– Sandra Bullock – she’s amazing and so funny!

11. What is your favorite food? 
– Sushi and other Seafood. It's simply the best ;) ♥

Sushi at my favorite restaurant , Shrimps & Fish cooked by myself

P.S. I hope my english is correct :D


  1. Oh, Chucks muss ich mir auch unbedingt mal wieder zulegen! Und jetzt habe ich Lust auf Sushi mimimi :D Liebe Grüße

  2. Du bist so süß :) Danke für die Kommentare :)
    Ich finde Ethnolook auch cool :) aber ich mag es nicht, wenn mein komplettes Outfit Ethno ist, sondern vllt nur ein paar Akzente hat.
    Und wegen Indien: Ich glaube meine Organisation macht das nicht mehr. Das war echt eine einmalige Sache.
    Mein buddhistische Organisation heißt EIAB. Da wohnen viele vietnamesische Mönche in einem Ort in Waldbröl und meditieren und pratizieren den Buddhismus dort zusammen :) Ich war da schon oft und kann es dir nur empfehlen, wenn du wirklich wissen willst wie der Buddhismus so abläuft :)


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